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關於MinerGate is a multi-currency mining pool, started in 2014 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, already providing mining opportunities for Ethereum, Bitcoin-based (Bitcoin, Litecoin) and CryptoNote-based (Monero, Bytecoin, DuckNote, Dashcoin, etc.) cryptocurrencies.

The core insight that led MinerGate to success was the CPU-mining adaptability, which allowed thousands of hundreds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to effectively mine coins on ordinary computers, regardless of the dominance of powerful mining farms.

Providing its services in the form of a simple GUI desktop miner, MinerGate has already attracted over 100,000 of active users and continues to grow rapidly.

MinerGate is constantly improving by adding genuine features and popular cryptocurrencies.

Please find MinerGate’s press contacts, media assets and additional details below.

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Laura Becker, CMO


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